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 Outdoor Homeschooling: Fun Unpackaged

Free Resources for Independent Learners

All resources are free, changeable and downloadable. Click your choice as desired.

Key Thoughts for
Independent Learners

If you do not ever get stuck, stumped, or confused, then how much are you really learning that is new?

Do not stay stuck! Ask for help, or mark the question for review.

Have fun learning!

Need simple and flexible scheduling by the quarter? Try seven subject strands to cover everything in a year with ample time for travel and daily shenanigans. See our fourth-grade examples.

Blank Block Scheduling for Homeschoolers with Real Lives

Fill in your own subjects as desired with seven strands and four quarters as a guide for your time during the year. 

Have your student pick a book. Use this to help process what is learned in the book and get some writing practice at the same time. 

We use this book report layout that includes an outlining feature to teach organization in writing.

We use this checklist to keep track of completed work. This allows our learners to work more independently while ensuring that all tasks stay on schedule.

Keep track of activities that only need to be completed a few times during the year but still need notations. Keep all of the information in one place for book reports, projects, and any other task you need to monitor. 

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