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 Outdoor Homeschooling: Fun Unpackaged

Welcome! Our goal is to enjoy learning something new each day. Here we share a few resources that help us keep learning simple and engaging.

Our Mission


Our goal is to give each of our children the necessary tools for long-term success for any avenue of life that they may choose.


We want our students to have ample information in their ‘quiver of knowledge' so that they may freely enjoy their own goals as adults.


We seek to support our learners in a way that allows them to build on their individual interests and unique skills.


We seek to grow lifelong learners. We seek to learn something new each day!

Our homeschool resources are free and meant to help you simplify your days together. You may also contact us if you need help creating something to fit a particular need.

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy includes a Charlotte Mason approach with many elements that are Classical or Montessori. For us, this means that books are regularly used, but they are only the jumping-off point for much of our schoolwork. We often use unschooling techniques to instill problem-solving skills, independence, and personal responsibility.


We seek to ensure that learning also takes place in real-life situations. We do this with experiments, animals, people, dirt, and anything else that applies to each lesson.


We feel that it is important to teach individualized learning, as well as group learning experiences. This gives students an opportunity to become self-sufficient, while still learning to interact in a cooperative setting.


In addition, it is important for learners to become competent in one topic in order to allow for a proper framework for subsequent lessons. Therefore, many of our lessons are set up on a mastery-based system.


If a student finds an area of interest, they are allowed to incorporate that into the current curriculum, providing that the core work is also successfully completed in a timely manner.



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